Illinois concealed carry classes

What is Rockford Concealed Carry?

Illinois concealed carry classes, by Safe Training Academy are a group of people who came together, not for the money, but, for our love of the 2nd amendment, and the fervent belief that each and every person has the right to defend themselves from violent attack.

We know some will say, "That's what the police are for...,", but seconds count they are minutes away, or longer! Most often the police arrive after the event has taken place. It's not because the police won't/don't do their job. The fact is, no matter how many officers there are, there will never be enough to protect everyone at one time. This is where the Second Amendment comes in... people have the right to protect themselves.

The staff at Safe Training Academy is dedicated to helping you achieve that goal. We will safely guide you step by step through the process of obtaining your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit.

Our Illinois concealed carry classes are done in a professional setting and the shooting portion is done at Pine Tree Pistol Club.

Rockford Concealed Carry

Did You Know…?

Rockford Concealed Carry not only teaches the Illinois concealed carry classes, but also Utah concealed carry as well as the Florida concealed carry permits.

Students often say they don't need the other permits because they do not go to those states. The Florida and Utah permits are not only for visiting those two states, but they give you many more states that the Illinois permit will not cover. Also, many are in the process of getting there Illinois concealed carry permit renewal. This can take six month or more to get your permit from the Illinois State Police. Illinois law allows you to carry on an expired permit so long as your have submitted your application for renewal and you have not otherwise prohibited from renewal. That is well and good as long as you are carrying expired in the State of Illinois, but what about the state of Wisconsin or any other state which recognizes the Illinois permit? Utah and Florida could cover you in this situation.