Utah Concealed Carry

Utah Concealed Concealed Firearms Permit Course Outline: ($65)

  • Current Utah law relating to firearms
  • Concealed carry statues and rules
  • The use of deadly force by private citizens
  • Justification of force
  • Firearm familiarity
  • Basic handgun safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Concealed carry ammunition
  • Firearms transport


We cover all the requirements to obtain your Utah concealed carry permit. This permit is one of the most recognized permits you may have. Meaning you can carry in 31 states with this permit. It's a good one to have to pick-up some of the states that the Illinois concealed carry permit doesn't cover. Your Illinois course ticks all the boxes for this course and we only need to read you the law and hand out a copy to complete this course.