Srinivas Kolla

I took the concealed carry portion of the class as I had previously taken the NRA Basic Pistol Course elsewhere. This was lead by our instructor Jim Thompson. The class was a comprehensive overview of Illinois Carry Law with pearls of wisdom sprinkled in from Jim throughout the discussion. Next, I found the basic holster drills to be quite good with excellent instruction from Jim, emphasizing that slowing the drill down to its components actually allowed for a a more precise set of movements that made for an efficient draw and re-holstering. I realized that repetitive practice would be necessary to ultimately master this skill, but Jim's instruction and his own demonstration of his skill was excellent. Finally, the qualifying practical portion of the class was excellent and I noticed how well Jim "coached up" neophyte shooters. 12/12 course participants all passed. In all, an informative and well taught class and an excellent course to satisfy requirements for Illinois Concealed Carry.


It was great to have you in class... students that drop preconceptions often do the best in our classes, you were no exception.